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Calendar of Events


The Winter Luncheon Series will begin January 16 and will continue on Wednesdays until February 20.

In the event of inclement weather, the luncheon will be cancelled if the Anne Arundel County Schools announce the schools closure for the day. If school openings are only delayed, the luncheon will be held at the regularly scheduled time.
2009 Calendar of Events

Reservations are required for all events, except where noted: 410-867-4486

Friday September 19 - Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes with Joe Banashek
Time: 7:00 PM Admission: Members - ; Non-member-
7:00 pm Coffee/desserts; 7:30 pm Program begins; Reservations required

Joe Banashek, is a native of Churchton, MD and a member of the Mojave Desert Rattlesnake Research Group in California.

Mr. Banashek will provide frozen samples of snakes, discuss treatment for venomous snake bites, teach proper identification of and where to locate the snakes found in Maryland.

The Mojave Desert Rattlesnake Research Group catalogs and collects rattlesnake specimens for Loma Linda University and other scientific institutions. Data Mr. Banashek has collected on the rattlesnakes has been used in the creation of snake-bite anti-venom. In addition to helping educate the public about snakes, he works with universities, hospitals and government agencies researching snakes.

Tuesday October 7 - George Washington’s Mount Vernon
      At Mount Vernon, VA
Time: See details below Admission: Members - ; Non-member-
Deadline for reservations is September 2, 2014
Price (includes transportation, admission, lunch, all taxes and gratuities.

Enjoy an educational and entertaining visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. For all details and registration information go here

Friday October 10 - Can we Control Rising Atmospheric C02 and Climate Change? with Dr. Bert G. Drake
Time: 7:00 PM Admission: Members - ; Non-member-
7:00 pm Coffee/desserts; 7:30 pm Program begins; Reservations required

Dr. Bert G. Drake is a retired plant physiologist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, MD and was named Distinguished Research Lecturer by the Smithsonian Institution in 2005.

The globe is heating up… There is clear and convincing evidence that rising atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gasses cause the warming. Increased temperature and water vapor in the atmosphere lead to changes in climate patterns that can shorten winter, lengthen summer, increase the severity of storms, reduce the capacity of the land to support agriculture, and rising sea level. Recent projections by the Maryland Climate Change commission estimate the level of Chesapeake Bay will rise between 2 to 5 feet by 2100 with a loss of substantial land for agriculture, erode waterlines, and increase the impacts of storm damage to residential areas. Many of the effects of climate change are evident now.

Can we control rising atmospheric CO2 and satisfy our ever increasing demand for energy from fossil fuels at the same time?

Sunday October 19 - Oyster Festival
Time: 12:30 - 5:00 PM Admission: Members -
Food, crafts, music, demonstrations, kids activities - all on the Captain Avery Museum waterfront. For all details go here

Saturday January 10 - Yucatan Trip
Time: TBD Admission:
Reservation and deposit are required. Details are at Yucatan